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  About Us
  • In the recent years many competitive examination oriented institutions have tried to allure the young graduates with false promises of Govt. jobs. They also succeed in impressing the young minds with their glamorous study centers. But when it comes to the actual success rate, they cut a sorry figure. Our priority, from the very beginning, has been to provide quality education as far as competitive examination guide is concerned. 
  • While many institutions are concerned only about money-making, we consider the success of our students our chief objective. For that we have kept our course fees within the reach of our middle class students.

  • Our methodology of training our students is something really unique and effective. The teaching-learning activity of every class is scientifically planned and study materials are prepared accordingly.
  • Our directors are not capitalist money-makers whose sole aim is profiteering. They are, on the contrary, experienced educationists who are actively involved in the regular teaching-learning activities.
  • We emphasise the intensive method of study, preparing the students in accordance with the changing pattern of examinations. We provide them with the question paper of the previous exams to upgrade their knowledge.
  • Our exhaustive study materials cover every aspect of a subject. We have a separate set of study-guide for every month which is arranged in scientific order. They are mainly activity-based and kindle the student’s interest even in an otherwise uninteresting subject.
  • We pay attention to the aspect of individual differences. We consider our students individual with unique needs. That is why we arrange special classes for the ones having difficulty in a particular subject. We arrange remedial classes and final evaluation programme which takes place at end of every month to ensure the full proof preparation of the students.
  • We have reputed teachers who are great achievers themselves and therefore can motivate our students.

  • Aims & Objectives

    Our Strengths are------------ 

    i) our experienced faculty 

    ii) Our exhaustive and  up-to-date study materials 

    iii) Regular Mock Tests